Thursday, April 30, 2009

summer is here (or very close, at the least.)

school has come to a close. apparently we graduated. its strange. but new things are happening and there are new bandwagons to hop onto. like..... say, moving to kingston. 

you may be wondering about the future of this little bloggy thing here. i intend on keeping it running. maybe some new photographs here; some stories there; thoughts and such over in the corner. 

im joining an intentional community in kingston. some lovely friends of mine started this community two ish years back. more to come on the whats, whys, whos. they, or, we have a blog. it is over here.

next issue - final exhibition stuff.


Magida El-Kassis said...

im excited for you liz, your new home is going to suit you very well. I hope everything works out great!

Brendan said...


Anonymous said...

liz. my child was under your care at camp iawah. i can't believe you made a little girl cry by saying 'f*ck' right in front of her. why would you do that? why would you ever f*ckin' say the word 'f*ck' to a little girl? F*CK!

Concerned Parent